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My Android Application Is Alive!!!!

I’ve got my first Android application written! It’s a lame little todo list, but it’s MY lame little todo list! :-) And the best part is, I was able to backport it to userspace version mc3 and my lame little app is running on the Nokia n810!

Yes! It’s ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to get maps and GPS working…

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One Response to “My Android Application Is Alive!!!!”

  1. faber Says:

    Surprisingly easy. I’ve always thought of Java as a big, bloated language but it’s not. It feels sleek and sharp, much like C does. I guess I confused Java with all those frameworks.

    Writing the Android app was refreshing. I’m a big Perl coder and I do a fair amount of PHP (although I don’t like it) but I really enjoyed writing in Android/Java.

    The only downside is the API was (is?) changing rapidly so you had to rewrite major parts of the code between versions, but that should be (more) stable these days.

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