How fashion dedicates a perfect body image

A study found that most women thought they would be happier with their figure and life if they had a smaller body. On the flip side, men believed being bigger was better. So why is that? Why is it that we put such importance on our bodies? Well, it seems that it’s because we’ve gotten so used to seeing this kind of idealized body type that we expect it to define who we are. If you want to change your perception, you’ll have to start paying attention to the media images that influence you. Let’s see below how fashion dedicates a perfect body image.

The models

 They show us what beauty is for them, but not necessarily for us. In general, they are thin, always well-groomed, with makeup and with clothes carefully selected by stylists. But they’re also young, sometimes too young in my opinion. Their skin is flawless and their hair looks good without any effort. And yet, do we believe that these perfect figures come only from good genes or a good diet? For many people, those bodies are created thanks to a rigid regime of exercise, diets and plastic surgeries. Fashion designers don’t hesitate to use Photoshop to “enhance” the body of their models. This gives an impression of perfection that few can boast of.

The magazines

 Here again, the body image has been heavily moulded for years by the media, especially television. These images are often taken directly out of commercials. Some shows even try to convince us with shocking photos that will make us envy the actress. All of that makes us believe that our bodies must look like theirs. Unfortunately, we all know that this ideal is impossible. But that doesn’t stop us from trying! We spend hours at the gym and we follow strict diets hoping to get results similar to those of Victoria’s Secret angels. It’s hard work but we need to keep going because all that matters to us is one day looking like Angelina Jolie. You may have chosen a career as a model and started to appreciate yourself for your curves. However, there are lots of careers where this isn’t true. People who choose to be models are often very skinny before the shoot. For them, having a big butt is more about vanity than health.

The movies

 Do you remember when Jennifer Aniston came back from her honeymoon and the first thing she said was “I feel fat”? She had gained weight while she was away and didn’t know how to dress anymore. Did you experience something similar? Of course, we did! When a woman gets married or starts a family, she automatically changes her lifestyle. Her priorities shift towards her children and her husband. As a result, she eats less. In addition, she does less sport since she no longer needs to lose weight quickly. But then, after a couple of months, everything goes back to normal. She resumes her former way of living, including eating more and doing fewer sports.


 This photo-sharing app allows its users to share pictures of themselves and comment on each other’s posts. Women love using it to post selfies and then make comments about their body shape and size. Many followers respond positively to that message. I mean, they appreciate how beautiful a woman feels to take a picture showing off her best features. They encourage her to post more pictures, which means gaining more followers and thus advertising. So, naturally, in return, she thinks she should post more attractive pictures. How long does this vicious circle go on? It depends on the subject involved. If someone wants to promote her brand, she won’t hesitate to post several pictures. 

In conclusion, the fashion industry plays a key role in giving women unrealistic expectations about their body image. Advertising companies create products that fit into every aspect of a woman’s life. It also influences the way that we see ourselves visit Casino france. Since childhood, society has taught us that being thin is mandatory. But most people aren’t lucky enough to live up to this expectation.